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A man’s gift to receive or give to a human is the case almost since the first human era. Gifting is a beautiful behavior inherent in human nature. The Gifting; is one of the most common tools used for the continuation of social life. So much so that giving gifts is a very pleasing behavior. In this sense, presents, people are happy to please both themselves and the opposite. In this respect, it is useful to emphasize that gifting is a good behavior that builds happiness in individual and social life.

Gift giving and getting the greatest benefit is economic. It contributes significantly to the economy of the country. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs who see that gifting is a phenomenon that exists in human nature, make great efforts to increase their sales and thus their earnings. In this sense, we can say that giving and receiving gifts to be an important tool for the continuation of economic life.

As a result, this publication visuals I’ve come across a variety of ideas and results. This publication can be yours for my visual I met on the internet. If it belongs to you and I have published without permission, if you send me an email I will delete it.

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