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Black And White Art Sketches Artworks Schwarz Weiß Kunst Skizziert Kunstwerke

black and white art sketches artworks

black and white art sketches artworks ~ #black #white #sketches #artworks

The photo or drawing above was a share I came across while I was wandering on the pinterest. I would like to share with you here and talk about it, but let’s talk about art first.

Art is what makes people beautiful. If that is art, then art in ballet and operetta? ~ and you ask

For the average man’s art is beautiful in appearance; There is no problem that can not be solved with the fine arts. Okay, for whom is beautiful, beautiful is beautiful in comparison, what is beautiful? How many units of beauty? what art is beautiful by whom? In these questions, as usual, the more difficult and incomprehensible a concept is, the more daring and self-confident people use the words that express that concept; in the meantime, what is meant by that word is so simple that they have the feeling that it is not even worth talking about what it means.

In the past, it was feared that objects that disrupt human morals would become art objects, and they would be completely banned. Oh dear visitor, Now is afraid of depriving of any pleasure of art and what is being done and tried to preserve it. I request to share my art ideas with you today, 09 Mon 2019 at 05:41.

Is the photo / drawing / picture I share in this publication yours? Or do you have a complaint about this image? Contact us now and we will destroy it.

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